KU Bull

An auto fighting bot is a bot that search its opponent in the arena and fights to damage or to push the opponent bot out of the arena. The bot that fought in our side was named “KU BULL” which is a non-destructive sumo bot that fight with the opponent bot of the same kind.

The major Electronics components used in “KU BULL” include:

  1. Arduino Uno: A micro-controller based on ATmega328 microprocessor.
  2. Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) battery: Used for its high power to weight ratio.
  3. DC Geared Motor: A normal brushed DC motor fitted with gears to increase torque in expense of speed. The motors (four),
  1. KU BULL possessed were of 100 rpm, 12 V
  2. L293D motor driver IC: To control the DC motors (Speed and direction).
  3. Photodiode Module: A sensor to detect the color black or white (i.e. IR reflecting or absorbing). In our case we used six active photodiode module for more accuracy.
  4. Ultrasonic Sensor: A sensor that detects the object in front it and how far it is. We used two ultrasonic sensors (one in front and other in back) to detect the object within 180 degree of rotation.

The casing was made of aluminum pieces, sheet metal of various gauge thickness and weight density to maintain the specified weight limitation of 4 kg. Similarly, the specified dimension was 30cm*30cm*30cm and limit of dimension was fulfilled.

The bots were needed to fight inside the arena of regular polygon of 90cm with 2inch wide black line at the edge of the arena.

Team Members

Anup Regmi

Sijan Shrestha

Srijan Shakya

Bivek Giri

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