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KU Rover: A Multirobo Hexacopter

March 5, 2024/

KU Rover: A Multirobo Hexacopter KUHOVER is an aerial unmanned vehicle also known as KU-Copter in Kathmandu University. It is a multi-rotor hexa-copter, remotely controlled UAV. The approximate weight of the finished model is about 1.4 kilogram. KUHOVER uses six 1000KV motors and a 5200mAh battery to power the system.…

HUSKY : An Automatic Fighting ROBOT

March 5, 2024/

HUSKY : An Automatic Fighting ROBOT An automatic fighting robot (also known as Sumo bot) is a bot that fights (destructive or non-destructive) and damages or push the opponent bot out of the arena. The bot that fought in our side was named “HUSKY” and it was a non-destructive sumo…

KU Medicine Copter

March 5, 2024/

KU Medicine Copter It is a medicine delivery UAV which delivers medicine from one place to another. It has a payload of 0.5 kg. The major components used are The body is made of Aluminium and the stand is made of carbon fiber. Team Members

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