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March 5, 2024/

KU Bull An auto fighting bot is a bot that search its opponent in the arena and fights to damage or to push the opponent bot out of the arena. The bot that fought in our side was named “KU BULL” which is a non-destructive sumo bot that fight with…

KU Turtle

March 5, 2024/

KU Turtle KU Turtle is a line following robot that could also be controlled manually using any Bluetooth devices. KU Turtle represented KURC in Yantra5.0 in the category Yantra Racer. The major electronic components included are: Arduino Uno: A micro-controller based on ATmega328 microprocessor. Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) battery: Used for…

Trash Collection Bot

December 31, 2023/

The problem of unsystematic aquatic trash disposal in Kathmandu has becomea major issue contributing to the pollution of the environment with nearly315,069 tonnes of trash being dumped on riverbanks annually. To clean theseunsystematic disposals a lot of human labour is required. This is where ourproject kicks in. The project “Design…

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