Bishwokarma puja

Bishwokarma puja is an essential remembrance that we as engineers, artisans, craftsmen or workers involved in the field of construction and manufacturing, pay off to the divine deity of engineering and craftsmanship himself; Lord Bishwokarma of the hindu mythology. Here is a glimpse of yesterday’s Bishwokarma puja celebration at the KURC workspace by Kathmandu University

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The Ideation event

The Ideation event, one of the main attractions of the technology expo, has just concluded, and it was a huge success. The event brought together some of the brightest minds in the tech industry, who were tasked with coming up with innovative ideas and solutions to real-world problems. The judges were thoroughly impressed with the

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high building glass window cleaner With the development of Construction techniques, many high-rise buildings are being constructed in a competitive manner. Building owners hire human workers for cleaning their façades and glasses . Those human workers used to hang on a rope for cleaning, which takes a long time and is highly dangerous. To reduce


Smart Bin

Smart Bin This project we intend to build an automated dustbin system named ‘Mr. Bean/Bin ‘. It will be a dustbin with advanced features within it. To address the existing problem of waste management we intended to build a smart dustbin with an alert and an auto functioning mechanism with the implementation of different electronic

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Maze Solving Robot

Maze solving robot This project builds an autonomous maze solving robot that will learn the arrangement of the maze and navigate the maze. This robot will use an array of infrared sensors (IR sensors) to detect the obstacles and use the Arduino UNO microcontroller to carry out the logical operations and implement the wall following

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CNC Foam Cutting Machine

CNC FOAM CUTTING MACHINE CNC is an electro-mechanical machine which can move along X, Y, and Z-axes precisely. CNC machines are used for a variety of applications like wood cutting, metal cutting, etc. Instead of bits or lasers, the main tool of this machine is a hot wire, or a special type of resistance wire

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