Project Demonstration

Project Demonstration is one of the main event of AAVISHKAR 19. Participant need to make their project in order to solve the burning issues of Nepal. Project Demonstration include both software as well as hardware project. In this Event, participants should come up their project which is capable of performing certain tasks. Participants will have to demonstrate their project in front of judge and public, and the winner will be decided considering result of both judge and public voting.


  1. To provide a platform for young talents to show their creativity and skills in the field of Robotics and technology.
  2. To encourage participants for finding solution towards real life problem found in our community.

Registration Criteria

  1. Online registration (ALL NEPAL) requirements
    • Name list (4 members max)
    • Bank Voucher (scanned)
    • Address and Contact number
  2. Registration fee
    • NRs.1000 (Before 08 December,2019)


Competition Rules

  1. Participants can register as a Team/Single/Robotics Club.
  2. Participant should sent Working Video of their project to before 06 December,2019 for ensuring stall reservation.
  3. Readymade Projects/toys will not be considered
  4. Participants should bring Power supply for their robots by their own. (Ac Power supply will be provided.
  5. Decision of judge panel will be final and neither be changed nor changeable in any circumstances.
  6. Participants will be disqualified on breaking any competition rules and regulation.
  7. Participant should not dismantle their project before completion of whole competition.
  8. At least one participant should be available in the stall.
  9. If the project malfunctions at the time of presentation, team member can still present their idea with deduction of some points.
  10. In case of any kind of dispute the decision made by organizing committee will be final and binding decision.


  1. The violation of general rules of competition
  2. Damage or try to damage other project.
  3. Found any type of cheating

Judging Criteria

  1. Quality of Idea (Includes creativity and originality): 35%
  2. Implementation of Idea(Includes potential for future progression and feasibility) :35%
  3. Public Voting (Includes number vote by public in project demonstration session): 30%


  1. Any person/team/robotics club interested in robotics can participate in the event.
  2. The organizers reserve the right to change any of the rules if necessary and will inform to the participants if any rules are changed via Contact number or email.
  3. Participant should present on both day of events.

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