Can-Sat Workshop

A CanSat is a mini model satellite which is used for gaining basic knowledge about space technology. This project is called “CanSat” as its combined name of “can” and “satellite” words i.e. can-size and shape model. CanSat is not intended to be flown on space but on the atmosphere. This microsatellite will have lots of capabilities after adding electronic equipment, sensors and GPS. It is raised on a certain altitude and allowed to fall freely and can land on the ground with the help of parachute which we produce.

This workshop is targeted to those who are interested and willing to begin their journey in the field of satellite Can-Sat workshop will focus on taking a limited number of participants and providing a hands-on workshop where the participants will be introduced to andmake themable to work with a space research project. Since research on space technology has been very primitive in Nepal, this project could be a great milestone and foundation for the development of space research projects.

It is a workshop which covers a lot of contents of Basic of Sensor, Interfacing of Arduino with Atmega328, Communication between cansat and ground station.


  1. It includes measurement of temperature, pressure, altitude, dust, humidity Land microsatellite to the desired point.
  2. To encourage and inspire young innovative minds towards space technology
  3. To promote robotics for space development.

Event Details

Phase One

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Orion Space

Phase Two

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Orion Space
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