Aquabot: A Cleaning Ro-boat Competition


  1. To promote and develop robotics technology in the field of cleaning water resources.
  2. To spread awareness regarding necessities to clean waste resources.

Registration Criteria

  1. Online registration (ALL NEPAL) requirements
    • Name list (4 members max)
    • Bank Voucher (scanned)
    • Address and Contact number
  2. Registration fee: Rs.3500



  1. Two robots will compete in the arena at a time.
  2. Each team will have 5 minutes to complete the task and path.
  3. Each team will have a different starting point and endpoint as well as their checkpoint assigned with a different color.
  4. Starting of the opponent aquabot will be the endpoint of others.
  5. The slits may be spherical, cubical or cylindrical in shape.
  6. Each boat has to start from its respective starting point.
  7. Boats have to collect slits and cross the checkpoints.
  8. A checkpoint is crossed if the entire boat passes through the ring. ( Checkpoint is the circular ring half dipped in the water surface )
  9. Then the boat has to go to the disposal area near their respective endpoint.
  10. The disposal box will be fixed just beside the end point with the base touching the upper surface of water.
  11. It has to hook the boat to the hookup bar of the disposal box and automatically dispose the silts into the box.
  12. Then it has to go to the endpoint and press the buzzer to end the game.
  13. If the robot needs to be reset, the robot is placed just behind the nearest checkpoint it crossed.
  14. If the boat touches or hits an opponent’s boat, opponent’s checkpoint and the obstacle then it will be a foul.
  15. If the boat will return to the area from where it has already crossed the checkpoint then the checkpoint will be reset.
  16. There will be two types of rounds of the contest:
    • League Round: Top 8 Teams will go to knock out round.
    • Knock out Round:
      • Quarterfinal Round: Top 4 Teams will go to next round.
      • Semifinal Round: Two Teams will go to the next round. Second Runner-Up will be determined.
      • Final Round: Winner and First Runner-Up will be determined.

Competition Rules

  1. The Robots can be controlled through wireless remote only.
  2. The use of readymade toy is not allowed but one can use modules or circuits.
  3. The power supply should be onboard only and the electric voltage between 2 points anywhere in the machine should not be more than 24V DC at any point in time.
  4. Participants are allowed only to make (n-2) restarts during the game where n stands for a number of checkpoints.
  5. The name of the team must be a unique one with a team leader specified and only the team leader can operate the robot
  6. The boat will be verified and details will be recorded by the organizers before starting the event.


  1. Any robot not conforming to the specification provided
  2. The use of radiofrequency equipment that alters the gameplay.
  3. The team damaging or trying to damage the game field.
  4. The team performing any act that is not in the spirit of fair play.
  5. The team that fails to obey instructions and/or warning issued by the referees and judge’s decision is considered the final decision.
  6. The boat is modified after the verification during the event.

Judging Criteria

  1. The teams with the higher score after the group stage league will be selected for knock out round.
  2. The team with the highest number of points in a knock out game will be declared as winner and opponent will be eliminated.



  1. The number of checkpoints the robot has to cross may vary and it is made known before the game starts.
  2. The game points and complexity might be modified according to the rounds.
  3. The organizers are not responsible for any inconvenience due to unfair weather conditions.
  4. The organizers reserve the right to change any of the rules if necessary and will inform the participants if any rules are changed via Contact number or email.


Arena Dimension(mm)
Checkpoints Dimension(mm)
Obstacle Dimension(mm)
Aqubot Disposal Box Dimension(mm)

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