About Us

Aavishkar was initiated by KURC at 2017 as the annual robotics festival. It is a platform for young makers, students and hackers to showcase their talent in the field of robotics. It is the yearly event of Kathmandu University Robotics Club (KURC) with different themes and competitions. This event focuses on motivating the enthusiastic youths of Nepal to grow their interest and skills in the field of robotics. Aavishkar exists to connect students, inventors and schools in every community with the goal to a variety of successful and engaging technology-based programs through robotics competitions, workshops, trainings, innovative exhibitions and other multidisciplinary programs.


Aavishkar 18 was based on the theme “Clean Nepal: A Robotics Initiative”, where the events focused to make robotics environment-friendly. “Aquabot: A Cleaning Ro-boat Competition”, and Hardware Hackathon were directed towards robotics for a clean environment.

Pre Events

Orientation on Aavishkar

Team Aavishkar provided orientation on different events of Aavishkar 18 in different colleges and universities. It focused to provide information about the events and inspire the innovative minds in application-oriented robotics.

Solid Works Training and 3D-Printing Workshop

Solid Works Training and 3D-Printing Workshop was a 5 days training organized in collaboration with the Association of Mechanical Engineers (AMES). The participants were trained about the application of Solid Works to design various 3D models and set-up and print using 3D-printer.


TECH GIRLS is an event to inspire the girls in the field of robotics and technology. TECH GIRLS 2.0 aimed to provide Basic Training on 3D- design, 3D printing and use assembled parts in robotics with Arduino.

Boat-Making Training

Boat making training and workshop was conducted as a preparatory workshop for interested teams for the main event ‘Aquabot’. It dealt with the basics of the making of a cleaning boat.

Main Events

AQUABOT: A Cleaning Ro-Boat

Aquabot was the center of attraction of Aavishkar 18. Participating teams had to bring a self-made manually operated remote-controlled boat able to compete collecting waste from a pond and pass through the checkpoints.

HARDWARE HACKATHON: Journey Towards Innovation

Hardware Hackathon was based on the theme ‘Journey towards Innovation’. The participating teams were supposed to make a bot or a product based on the theme and demonstrate the principle and working of the product.


Aavishkar 18 presented a Project exhibition where participants demonstrated the non- academic project. Projects included Self-Balancing Robot, Robotic Arm, Land Cleaning Robot, Drones and others.


With a theme of ‘Yatra ko Prarambha’, Aavishkar 17 was organized. Several pre-events and main events were conducted based on the theme. ‘Enigma: Finding the way’ and ‘Hardware Hackathon’ Was the main events that involved enthusiasts from all over Nepal to compete to develop the technology.

Pre Events

Line Following Robot Training

Line Following Robot Training was a four-day training and workshop conducted with a motive to teach the enthusiast about the making and working of a Line Following Robot.


TECH GIRLS 1.0 was all about providing a workshop on ‘Basic Training on Arduino’ along a talk program to encourage the girls in the field of robotics and technology. It included basic training of Arduino and different sensors.

3D Printing Workshop

3D printing workshop was conducted by Kathmandu University Robotics Club in association with Zener Technologies to train the tech-enthusiast about 3D designing and printing.

Main Events

Enigma: Finding the Way

Enigma, the center of attraction was the main event of Aavishkar 17. Encouraging the automation in robotics, the robots had to compete in following the path decoding the pattern drawn and clearing the trash from the trash zone.

Hardware Hackathon

Hardware Hackathon was all about encouraging the participants to make a project in limited time and present and demonstrate the project.

CAD Design Competition

CAD Design Competition was a platform for the CAD interested students to show their talent and skill in designing completing a task in a limited period.