AQUABOT: A Cleaning Ro-Boat Competition

AQUABOT: A cleaning ro-boat competition is competition under the event AAVISHKAR 18. The main motive of this competition is to clean the waste present in any water sources like lake or river. Robots participating in this competition have to clear the waste in the form of slits from the surface of water. For this two robots will be competing each other to collect the slits and reach the opponent base by crossing through different checkpoints. The details of the event are given below:

Name of Event
AQUABOT: A Cleaning Ro-Boat Competition
Number of Competitors
Length of Battle
5 Minutes
Number of Participants in Each Team
Control Mode
Wireless Remote Control
Power supply
Onboard DC Power Supply( Max 24V)
Registration Deadline
2018 December 1
Winning Prize

Game Play

  1. Two robots will compete in the game arena at a time
  2. Each participating robot has to complete the path within 5 minutes of time.
  3. Two robots will have different starting point and will be assigned checkpoint of different color.
  4. Starting point of opponent robot will be end point.
  5. The slits are scattered on the surface of water. The robot must collect slits on the basis of which points are awarded to each team.
  6. The slits may be spherical or cubical in shape.
  7. The participant must cross the entire checkpoint before reaching the opponents base.
  8. A checkpoint is a circular ring half dipped in water as shown in figure below.
  9.  The robot must cross the checkpoint which they are assigned.
  10.  A checkpoint is crossed if the robot passes through the ring.
  11.   If robot needs to be reset, the robot is placed just behind the nearest checkpoint it crossed.
  12.  The robot to reach the opponent base with more point will be declared winner.
  13. There will be four rounds of the contest:

            League Round: Top 8 Teams will go to next round.

             Quarterfinal Round:  Top 4 Teams will go to next round.

                   Semifinal Round:  Two Teams will go to next round. Second Runner-Up will be determined.

                   Final Round: Winner and First Runner-Up will be determined.

Competititon Rules:
  1. The Robots can be controlled through wireless remote only.
  2. The use of ready made toys is not allowed but one can use modules or circuits.
  3. Power supply should be on board only and the electric voltage between 2 points anywhere in the machine should not be more than 24V DC at any point of time.
  4. Participants are allowed only to make (n-2) restarts during the game where n stands for number of checkpoints.
  5. The name of the team must be a unique one with a team leader specified and only team leader can operate the robot.
  1. The number of checkpoints the robot has to cross may vary and it is made known before the game starts
  2. The organizers reserve the right to change any of the rules if necessary and will inform to the participants if any rules are changed via Contact number or email.
Judging Criteria:

On the basis of slits, the robot which collects and reaches the opponents base, points are awarded accordingly. But the robots which fail to cross the checkpoint and fail to avoid obstacle the point are deducted. Robot reaching to end zone with maximum points will be considered as a winner. The descriptions of points are:

·         Collecting Slits: +20 pts

·    Crossing Checkpoint:  +20 pts

·         Fastest Win: +20 pts

·         Fail to cross checkpoint: -20 pts

·         Obstacle bump: -20 pts

·     Crossing Others Checkpoint-10 pts

Dimension and Fabication:
Robot and Slit Dimension:
  • The robot should fit in circular loop of dimension with 80 cm diameter at any given point during the match.

  • The robot should be able to carry the slits with following dimensions:

             A. Spherical slits with 5cm diameter

             B. Cubic slits with 5 cm length

Arena Dimension:
(Note: All Dimensions are in mm)
Checkpoint Dimension:
(Note: All Dimensions are in mm)
Obstacle Dimension:
(Note: All Dimensions are in mm)
Arena CAD Drawing
  1.  Any robot not confirming to the specification provided.
  2. The use of radio frequency equipment that alters the game play.
  3. The team damaging or trying to damage the game field.
  4.  The team performing any act that is not in the spirit of fair play.
  5. The team that fails to obey instructions and/or warning issued by the referees and judge’s decision is considered final decision.
  1. Anyone interested in the robotics are eligible to participate. However, they have to submit a valid Identity Card and a passport sized photo of each team member.


Detail Registration procedure will be released on AAVISHKAR 18 website as soon as possible..Keep watching.