Kathmandu University Robotic Club Organized the talk program titled “Electronics Hardware Design Using FPGA” with the support of Digitronix Nepal on 3rd May 2018. In presence of faculties from Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (DoEEE), Kathmandu University Mr. Om Nath Acharya, Mr. Ashish Shrestha and Ms. Kamala Gajurel  and 25 other enthusiast students  the talk program was conducted successfully. The key speaker of the event Mr. Krishna Gaihre from Digitronix Nepal started the program with some basic idea about FPGA. Most of the participants were unfamiliar with FPGA boards. So, Mr. Gaihre came up with two FPGA boards PYNQ-Z1 and Zybo Zynq-7000 ARM and   distributed among participants to look up those boards. After that Mr.Gaire presented about how these boards are programmed and the programming language used to program these boards. Mr. Gaihre talked about some simulation software and FPGA development companies like Xilinx, Altera etc. Along with this Mr.Gaihre demonstrate some projects in FPGA design and displayed some videos related to it. Another Guest Speaker from Digitronix Nepal Mr. Rukesh Prajapati presented his project in FPGA titled “AES encryption and Decryption for secured wireless communication”. Finally, Mr. Ashish and Ms. Kamala distributed the token of love to the guests from Digitronix Nepal and officially ended the program. The participants were satisfied to be the part of events and they were expecting much more talk programs like this.