An event named 3D Printing Workshop was conducted by Kathmandu University Robotics Club in association with Zener Technologies in 3rd and 4th November. KURC is very grateful towards Zener Technologies for providing such a wonderful support in giving the participants such a valuable gift of wonderful knowledge of 3D Printing. The event is one of the pre-event to the annual event Aavishkar-17: Yatra ko Prarambha which is scheduled in 1 and 2 December 2017. The workshop was intended to make sure that the students studying in Kathmandu University who have interest in 3D Printing would have a good knowledge of 3D printer, its uses and have skills in using one. The details of the event are listed below:

  1. The training venue was TTL-B hall which is surely the best due to the easily reachable location for both trainers and trainees containing infrastructures like projector, AC and wide room with enough power sockets required for the training.
  2. The training was initially planned for about 20 participants but the flow of interested made the event for about 30 participants proving the event to be huge success.
  3. Jiten Thapa, the president of KURC initiated the workshop by giving a wonderful welcome speech to the participants and Nearoj Upreti, ex-secretary and the program co-ordinator of the 3D Printing Workshop ended the workshop by thanking Zener Technologies and giving them an Certificate of Appreciation and token of love.
  4. The training was held for two days: On 3rd November Friday, from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, the theory part of 3D Printing was covered by Nearoj Upreti, the 3D Printing software UP Studio was covered by Prabin Dhakal and the modeling software blender was covered by Omkar Shrestha. Similarly, on 4th November Saturday, from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM, extra theory part and the printing part were covered by Mr. Ram Chandra Thapa and Mr. Bikash Paudel of Zener Technologies.
  5. Considering the fact that the Saturday’s program was of 4 hours continuously, a break was provided in the middle where participants and the trainers could grab a cup of tea and some biscuits all provided by KURC. So, all the participants were happy to get that refreshment.
  6. KURC had managed to give the 3D printing training to the trainers earlier. So, there were enough human resources and most of the resources to give the training. And with the help of Zener Technologies, the only thing that club did not have, which was 3D Printer was also obtained for the training.
  7. The students were totally excited to take the training and were mostly curious during the workshop. They were very curious and participated very actively by asking a lot of questions. The trainers were very energetic to answer their questions. The trainers did not seem satisfied until the participants were satisfied.
  8. The students gave a very good feedback and best wishes for the Aavishkar 17 and many promised to participate too. They also appreciated for conducting this workshop and were very happy to be part of it. So the workshop seemed to be conducted very successfully.