Line Following Robot Training was conducted by KURC from July 18, 2017 to July 22, 2017. The conducted event is a pre-event of ‘Aavishkar 17: ‘Yatra ko Prarambha’ which is scheduled to be held on the early time of next semester. The club had expected to give the training to 20-25 students due to lack of time, resources and trainers. However, the flow of registration of students like flood encouraged the organizing committee which resulted in giving the training in two shifts to about 45 students. The training was conducted in TTL-B hall which resulted to be best due to the easily reachable location for both trainers and trainees containing infrastructures like projector, AC and wide room with enough power sockets required for the training.
The training was initially planned to be given to maximum 20-22 students. So the registration for the training was closed earlier although it was told the registration would be closed in July 15 due to the fulfillment of seat. However the registration was re-opened as the organizing team got excited and encouraged by looking at the number of students interested in the training. Hence, 65 students registered in the training and the training was
then planned to be conducted in two shifts.

As stated above, the training was conducted in two shifts: Morning and Evening. The students who had basic knowledge of Arduino were invited in the morning shift which was from 7 AM to 8:45 AM in the morning for two days (July 19 and July 20) and from 9 AM on July 22, Saturday and those who had no knowledge of Arduino were invited in the evening from 4:15 PM to 6 PM from July 18 to July 21 for four days. Few participants had the trouble with the time they had to come due to various reasons. So, their shifts were changed according to their need. And few wanted to come in the both shifts which was also accepted.

The organizing team had managed to collect enough technical and human resources for the training including 5 trainers for morning shift: Jiten Thapa, Anup Regmi, Prabin Dhakal, Anup Marahatta, Pawan KC and 6 trainers for the evening shift: Ranjai Baidhya, Rajiv Rasali, Amar Duwal, Dilip Bhattarai, Sijan Shrestha and Yazu. The
event manager was of the training was Sijan Shrestha.
The number of students to attend the training was 45. It was already told that participants should attend more than 50% of their classes in the training and the last two classes were compulsory to get the certificate. Therefore, at last only 38 students were eligible for the certificates.
The students were totally excited to take the training and were mostly curious during the training. They participated very actively by asking a lot of questions which confused them and made them curious. The trainers were very energetic to answer their questions. The trainers did not seem satisfied until the participants were satisfied.
The students gave a very good compliment and best wishes for the Aavishkar 17 and many promised to participate too. They also appreciated for conducting this training and were very happy to be part of it. So the training seemed to be conducted very successfully.